As a result of feedback from our members, the CIFSA board of directors have taken the decision not to publish individual contact details for staff at ‘Corporate Member’ firms.

The board would like to point out that all ‘Corporate Member’ firms are admitted as members upon their commitment that they shall act with the highest of integrity at all times, to display professionalism and adhere to high standards and ethics at all times. This page, updated semi-annually, details some of CIFSA’s Corporate Members.

Company Name

Description of test company.

Please note: It is possible that CIFSA has corporate firms not detailed herein. You are invited to contact requesting confirmation of membership for a specific firm you may be dealing with, or are considering dealing with. Please note that CIFSA shall not make public the corporate membership list to distributors and/or product providers at any point, and are therefore only able to respond to enquiries where a specific enquiry is made naming the firm in question.

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