CIFSA provides a means of assisting the regulator by way of provision of opinion or views on existing, past, and proposed new regulation or legislation. CIFSA is able to offer opinions on behalf of it’s members in a unified manner, creating efficiency and providing benefits to the regulators and members alike.

CIFSA acts on behalf of it’s members when dealing with matters between members and regulator. CIFSA promotes it’s strict code of conduct, standards and ethics. CIFSA ensures it’s members have the opportunity to maintain the highest of standards by way of professional development and the opportunity to enhance their skills & knowledge. CIFSA offers members, the general public, and the regulator its independent, unbiased, professional and experienced opinion on any complaints levied. CIFSA believes its existence to be in the interests of the regulator, the public, and all of its member firms.

Promotion of Standards & Ethics

CIFSA promotes the maintaining of the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity at all times by all individuals operating within the industry and is pro-active in reporting and investigating any perceived or reported contravention. It is likely that any action taken by the regulator will be referred to the board of CIFSA for its views & opinions and to recommend appropriate action and/or disciplinary measures. Our core standards and ethics are incorporated in The CIFSA Charter, available here.

Promoting CPD

CIFSA provides continuing professional development (CPD) to members in the form of regular seminars and master classes.

Each Seminar offers structured CPD for delegates provided by CIFSA and external providers including accountants, providers, fund managers, economists, and industry experts.

In an environment with increasing regulatory scrutiny, CPD is fundamental in ensuring our members are able to provide professional and competent services to their clients. CIFSA requires that all members conduct CPD in line with the minimum standards required by regulatory and examination bodies.

A minimum of 35 hours CPD (structured and unstructured) is required and your regulator and/or qualification body is likely to ask for proof of this periodically.

We therefore recommend that you maintain a comprehensive log of all learning activities in order to substantiate your commitment to maintaining the highest standards and ensuring you are up to date with relevant regulation and legislation.

For further guidance please contact us or log in to the member area.

Recognition of High Standards

All members of CIFSA are approved on the basis of practising their profession to the highest standards, and maintaining the highest levels of integrity and honesty. Only members of CIFSA may promote their membership by way of reference to the organisation on business cards and/or websites.

The general public can be assured that when the company or individual they are dealing with is registered as a CIFSA member, that company or individual conducts their business in a professional manner and abides by the CIFSA Charter.

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